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When we talk about disability, we talk about people that are less advantaged in society. They are faced with a lot of discrimination daily when they step out of their homes. The disabled community should never feel less advantaged or feel like they are a walking disease especially the looks they get from curious minds. Sasha Saben Callaghan, who is visually impaired and has limited mobility, has to put up with random strangers asking “How did that happen” and she sometimes makes up a story to answer them.

According to the World health organization’s 2011 world disability report, about 15 per cent of Nigeria’s population or at least 25 million people have a disability and as of 2020, it is reported that over 27 million Nigerians live with a disability.


“Your attitude will either make or break you, we cannot change fate and the tragedies that enter our lives but we can choose how we want them to change us.” – Nikki Rowe, goodreads

People with disabilities are often treated unfairly in our society. According to the Grassroots researchers association, despite advocacy by civil society groups, religious institutions and international communities on the need to support PWDs, the majority of Nigerians still assume that persons with disabilities are incapable beggars who depend on others to provide for them. Some interviews were conducted and it was stated that most people see the disabled community as lesser humans.

PWD are not fewer humans, they should be given equal rights and access to infrastructural facilities. Access to medical facilities, schools, and job opportunities should be equal. They should not keep being treated like humans with infectious disease. Support needed from government agencies is lacking because, despite the presence of several non-governmental organizations intervening, the plights of PWD have not yet be made a priority.

For improvement and better care for PWD, strategies need to be implemented and adopted at all levels. Efforts should be put in place for the welfare and betterment of PWD.

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